20.69 ct

The “Royal” pattern and even dispersion of color put it in the category of the most rare and precious gemstones created by nature. Russian cutting masters have managed to create a unique diamond with the characteristics Fancy Vivid Yellow, VS1 and Excellent Polish&Symmetry – all from a crystal discovered in Yakutia.

Despite that, the “asscher” cut is deemed atypical for fantasy-color gems, as it emphasizes the natural richness of the diamond’s color while creating an incredible optical effect due to the parallel alignment of the planes. It resembles a simultaneous ensemble of flame, reflections of sunlight on crystal water and a trail of sparkles coming from the tail of a Firebird.

December 24, 2019

Graff, the world-renowned high-end jewelry brand, has acquired the Firebird diamond from ALROSA.

Sergey Ivanov, ALROSA CEO, said:
We are delighted to see that such a beautiful and exceptional diamond has found an equally exceptional owner. Without a doubt, it could form the heart of a magnificent, exclusive jewelry piece. This is more than just a regular deal for ALROSA. It is the first direct purchase made by Graff without the use of intermediaries, and we hope that it will be the beginning of a new phase of our work.



34.17 Ct

34.17 ct rough diamond with rare honey-yellow overtones. Discovered at the “Ebelyah” mine in Yakutia, the gem became the largest yellow diamond extracted in Russia in 2017. It was defined by its naturally-occurring shape, smooth structure and, most certainly, by its incredible intensity and homogeneity of color.

For the cutting, which took place in Moscow at the “ALROSA Diamonds” factory and took several months, technologists chose the “asscher” or “square emerald” shape developed in the early 20th century. As a result of the master cutters’ meticulous work, the incredibly-bright fantasy-colored “Firebird” diamond was born.

The Firebird

The “Firebird” brought its creator, Igor Stravinsky, fame and success. Other composers were involved in the early stages of composing. But once Diaghilev heard the performance by the barely-known Stravinsky, he made an instantaneous decision.
It had what I had expected of the Firebird. This music is burning, blazing, sparkling. Exactly what I needed for the flaming image in my ballet.
His music impressed the public – vivid, colorful, full of folk allusions, it encapsulated the creepy atmosphere of the underworld while capturing the brisk tempo of fairytale dance and the unique melodies of Russian songs.

After all, it was the fairytale firebird that was handpicked by Marc Chagall as a decoration of the lamp inside the Grand Opera’s spectator hall – an ode to Stravinsky’s talent.
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